Do You Know What You're Drinking?

Find out by scheduling water testing service in San Antonio, TX

If you think your home's water is safe because it's on the city's water system, think again. What's acceptable in your locality might not be acceptable to you and your family. If you're using a well in the San Antonio, Texas area, water testing service is even more important.

Texas Water Resources provides professional water testing service to measure the mineral content of your home's water. Call 210-778-5051 today to set up an appointment.

Learn about the home water testing process

Learn about the home water testing process

Home water testing will show you what's in your water. A trained technician from Texas Water Resources can tell you how to treat it. Your test will look for...

  • Water hardness
  • Calcium and chlorine levels
  • Total dissolved solids (TDS)
Based on your results, we'll recommend water softeners or water filtration systems that work for your home.

Isn't it time you knew what was in your water? Schedule a home water testing service in the San Antonio, TX area today.