Andrew was great in demonstrating the difference with our water and water using there system. It has made a huge difference I have definitely noticed it on my skin especially not so rough or dry after showering. I would definitely recommend there product it's a life changer.

Christine Morillo

After having the purified water and purified air installed, my water tastes pure, and the feeling it gives you after showering, washing your hands, your face, etc. such a smooth and clean feeling. Oh and the air! Wow! It's like breathing straight oxygen just smells so clean! It helps a lot if you have kids with asthma or get sick quick. I know my son has been way more energetic and haven't had him get sick recently. If you have a baby and don't want any germs or dust etc around, this would be perfect! I wish I had it when my kids were babies it would have been great. Anyways, you'll notice the difference when you have yours installed! I recommend both water and air purifier. Andrew and his crew did such an awesome job! I recommend him and his team to all of you! Trust me it's worth every penny! Thank you so much for purifying my home!

Alex Muñiz

Texas Water Resources fiiled out the paperwork fast and the installation was even faster (Andrew likes to talk). My wife, who was a skeptic, ended up having noticeably smoother skin and loving the system. We have no more water spots/stains on appliances or glasses throughout the house. We were also spending alot of money on bottled water and now we dont have to spend the gas, money and time because its as easy as going to the sink and filling up quick.

Isaac Fontanez

Very professional. Great product at a great price.

Victor Giizmoo Cortés Jr.

Texas Water Resources offered a great government promotion deal on the overall cost of the system and installation. All members of my family have noticeably smoother skin. No more water spots/stains on appliances or glasses throughout the house thanks to the soft water. The convenience of having a purified water spout by my sink makes for quick and easy bottling filling on the go.

Anthony Fondeur

I was a bit skeptical at first but I've noticed the change in buying shampoo, conditioner, body wash and Im not saying that we don't use it it's just we dont use as much anymore with the water softener and my daughter has really curly hair and also noticed that she doesn't have to use as much conditioner as she used to because the water has made a huge difference on her hair and skin since she has delicate skin. I love it and so does my whole family. Andrew Nunez , thanks for inspiring us to make the change to this water softener it was the best decision we made not only to save money but also for my baby's health!

Erika Gomez

I recently purchased a whole home conditioner from Texas Water Resources and I have to say at first I was skeptical but after the thorough analysis by my technician, Andrew, I could not be happier.

Being that Laredo has high chlorine content I now have the peace of mind my family and I have the cleanest water possible to drink!

I love how soft my clothes and towels come out. I immediately noticed a difference is my daughter's skin, her eczema has all but disappeared!!

Being that Laredo has high chlorine content I now have the peace of mind my family and I have the cleanest water possible to drink!

I want to give you guys a big thank you for showing me what I've been missing out on all this time!

Sandra Davila Solis

Having the water system was one of the best investment we've made. Our glasses are now spotless, our skin and hair feels softer, not having to buy water bottles or refill the 5 gallon jugs is a BIG plus. Definitely a household must!

Gio Vanna

We've had our water softener for about two months now. We are so satisfied with this system. Not only has it saved us money in buying shampoo, soap, cleaning supplies, etc. we have also saved money in purchasing water bottles weekly. And not to mention our skin is softer/smoother and hair is a lot shinier. We will definitely recommend this water system to all our family and friends. Thank you Andrew Nunez!

Gilbert and Michelle Zamora

Michelle Palacios Zamora

Definitely.. it was really helpful didn't know that our water was that dirty I'm totally going to tell my friends about it

Tony Cervera

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